Caring For Your Canvas: Our Comprehensive Guide to Preserve Artwork Including Prints and Posters.

Caring For Your Canvas: Our Comprehensive Guide to Preserve Artwork Including Prints and Posters.

Canvas Care:

Your support of Vanessa Horabuena Art is greatly appreciated and your satisfaction with the canvas is of the utmost importance to us. Our team goes to great lengths to ensure that the canvas will stand the test of time, including the use of locally produced stretcher bars, and three coats of preservation seals that protect against ultraviolet radiation, and natural elements that erode color over time.

Despite our best efforts, there are some circumstances in which a canvas may show minor signs of stretching due to the shipping process and natural elements such as heat and humidity. However, if your canvas arrives and you find that this has occurred, there is a simple solution! Using a clean cloth, lightly dampen it with room temperature water and move the cloth in circular motions across the back of the canvas. Once you have done this evenly across the entire back of the canvas, you will notice it begin to tighten and restore its original form! 

We hope the artwork you received brings you joy and reminds you daily of God's incredible and unconditional love.

Poster Care:

If your poster arrives damaged or dented due to the shipping process that can sometimes take a toll on delicate artwork, there are some simple methods to remove creases in the artwork! 

The first method, and our most recommended, would be to use a clothing iron and a smooth, thin cloth. Flip the poster face-down on a hard surface, place the cloth on the back of the poster and then using a low heat setting, gently iron out any dents. 

If you are unable to use a clothing iron, our second method is the use of steam. This can be in a steam room on a flat surface, or by using a clothing steamer. Always take caution to be gently with the face of the poster, as too much heat can damage the poster rather than repair it. 

We hope these methods are helpful for you! Thank you and God bless you. 

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