The Importance of Inspiring & Mentoring Others

The Importance of Inspiring & Mentoring Others



I truly believe that no one can tell our story like we can. There was a time in my life where I was unsure of how my own storying was unfolding. I was struggling in my personal life and I was finding it difficult to process the emotions I was experiencing. This led me to counseling with a Senior Pastor at my church CFTN, Dr. Allen McCray. He helped me process the pain I had experienced by encouraging me in my faith and pointing me toward God’s truth, grace, and unwavering love for me. It was also at this time that I was inspired to picked up my art pencils, after 8 years of creating nothing, and start drawing. Soon after, I also began painting. I realized this was what God had planned for me all along - that I could unite the gifts He had given me with my passion for ministry to serve others and honor His Kingdom!


Dr. Allen McCray’s guidance was a key element to my story. His support and encouragement helped me grow closer to God, and ultimately played a pivotal role in the unfolding of God’s plan for my life.


I say all of this because I truly believe in the power we each have to inspire and encourage others through sharing the unique gifts and talents God has blessed us with. Dr. McCray used the gifts God had given him (an understanding of scripture, a compassionate heart, etc.) to help me heal and identify the calling God had placed on my life. 


As a Christian artist, I want my work to help others encounter God’s overwhelming love and inspire them to pursue the calling God has placed on their own life. From my acrylic paintings, to my charcoal sketches, each piece of art I create is designed to tell a unique story, share truths about God’s unwavering faithfulness, and encourage others in their own faith journey. My hope is that, when someone engages with my art, they will feel a deeper desire to draw near to The Lord - The Great Artist and our magnificent Creator!  


I also want my work to inspire others to pursue their passion for visual art. My hope is to provide an encouraging space where aspiring artists can learn more about the creative process and the business aspects of art. By offering internships, I hope to support and encourage young artists as they explore the gifts God has given them. 


Together, we make up one beautiful body! By supporting one another and sharing our unique gifts with the world, we can bring honor and glory back to God!