Welcoming Jesus Into Our Lives This Resurrection Sunday

Welcoming Jesus Into Our Lives This Resurrection Sunday

The Celebration of Holy Week is a time of renewed energy, spiritual growth, and intimate connection with our Savior, Jesus Christ. 

As this holy celebration approaches, it is essential for us to prepare our hearts and homes to experience the love, joy, and blessings that He has in store for us. In this blog post, we will explore some meaningful ways to make our homes an inviting place for the Holy Spirit, drawing on Bible teachings as we foster a worshipful atmosphere in our living spaces.

Create a Prayerful Environment

Designate a little corner, a nook room or a desk in your home as a prayer space. Fill it with Bible verses, your favorite christian devotionals, and play your favorite playlist of worship music that  invites the presence of the Holy Spirit. Dedicate a particular time each day for prayer, Bible study, or meditating on God's Word. Maturing spiritually is vital; therefore, deepening our relationship with Jesus and learning His truth is essential for your growing christian walk with Him.

Encourage Christ-Centered Conversations

As we spend time with our loved ones this Holy Week, let us remember to give Jesus the prominence He deserves in our conversations. Put Him at the forefront of your relationships and watch what He will do. Encourage dialogue among family members about their faith, spiritual growth, and the ways Jesus is working in their lives. Build one another up, share testimonies, and express gratitude for His endless love and grace.

Practice Acts of Hospitality and Kindness

Jesus is remembered for His loving and generous nature, and inviting Him into our homes for extending our arms of love, kindness, and compassion. Welcome family members, friends, and strangers alike, offering them the same love Jesus has shown us. Prepare and share meals together, ensuring no one is left feeling unwanted or unloved. Remember, He left the 99 for the 1 and we reflect His love when we do the same.

Engage in Scripture-Inspired Activities

As the days draw nearer to Resurrection Sunday, involve your family in activities that are directly inspired by the Bible. Some examples include participating in a Good Friday service, watching faith-based movies like the Chosen or the Passion of the Christ, or my favorite, creating paintings of the events that took place during Holy Week. These activities not only serve as an opportunity to learn more about Jesus but also create lasting memories that we can cherish for years to come. Traditions are great, but be creative each year so that these activities are not mundane losing meaning, but instead, they grow more meaningful as each new experience touches your heart in a new way.

Pay It Forward by Being a Blessing to Others

As Christians guided by Jesus' teachings, every opportunity we have to be a blessing to others must be embraced. Consider adopting a charitable cause, volunteering your time and resources, or supporting your local church's outreach program. Extending Jesus' love beyond Holy Week will make a significant impact on those in need around us, reaffirming our commitment to live and love like Jesus every day.


Preparing our homes to welcome Jesus this Resurrection Sunday is a joyful and transformative experience that invites renewed spiritual growth and deepened connections with Him. 


By creating prayerful environments, fostering Christ-centered conversations, developing hospitality and kindness, engaging in Scripture-inspired activities, and paying it forward through charity, we can make this Holy Week a truly special and memorable occasion for ourselves and our loved ones. 

As a result, we can nurture our relationship with Jesus and genuinely experience His love, grace, and presence in our everyday lives.

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