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Courage to Change 

 This is a very special piece to me, not only because I have loved lions since I was a child and my name means Beautiful Butterfly, but more importantly I had a vision of this image as it represents the season of life I find myself in.

In this season I find myself being challenged with a new level of growth, a new level of excellence and a new level of transformation like never before. But one thing is for sure, change is not easy, sometimes it takes all of our strength. It leaves a feeling like we have given every last drop to the process. And not only may it be the case, but it is also the necessary ingredient to make the transformation complete. That is what the butterfly teaches us. Without the struggle in the cocoon...its wings will fail to develop and it will never properly mature, it will never be able to fly. Instead, the butterfly will fall to the ground crippled and that's where it will die. Never reaching its potential, it will never even know what it missed out on, how could it? It will only know struggle, despair and the view from the ground. This is the price of failing to grow. You see it is the resistance of the cocoon that creates the enviornment for growth to strength the butterflies wings to properly develop. 

While it all sounds beautiful, change can be scary, and growth extremely difficult. It takes courage to be honest with yourself and others, to acknowledge when we need to change. To lean into the process and to embrace the discomfort that lies ahead. But when we do...what comes about is nothing short of beautiful, nothing short of breathtaking....setting the stage for others to enjoy the beauty of a struggle they may never know. 

If you find yourself facing the pain of growth and change...I pray you will find the strength and courage to brave the struggle and to embrace the beauty that comes along with change...God has you, imagine His arms are the cocoon that surrounds His faithfulness...that He is bringing about a masterpiece in you...that looks more like Him. I love you and my heart and prayers are for you, to preserve, to succeed and to know His love more deeply along this beautiful journey of life.


Fine art giclée prints are made with 12 pigmented inks that meet archival standards and add beautiful depth of color to prints. Printed on beautiful Hahnemühle Photo Rag Batyta 315 gram paper, these prints combine a subtle surface texture with a beautiful sheen that truly brings the colors of the print to life. Prints are sleeved with an acid free protective sleeve to protect the artwork during transport.

Canvas prints are stretched onto 1 1/2" gallery bars giving the piece a sleek, modern look when left unframed. Canvas prints are created by hand upon receiving your order, please allow 1-2 weeks for our team to create your piece.