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Humble King - White Background - Hand Embellished Canvas Print

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*Hand Embellished Canvas Prints are temporarily discontinued, no release date is available at this time. If you have already ordered a Hand Embellished Canvas Print, you will receive your order before Christmas.* 

Humble King 

Painted during worship at Sunset Point in Mayer, Arizona.

It’s been a long journey the past couple of years pursuing the dreams God has placed in my heart. Glorifying God, and cultivating worship has always been my goal. It must be at the core of everything I do. However, I must admit that many times I have lost sight, and become overwhelmed by the waves of life when clearly Jesus is beckoning me to keep my eyes on Him. I am so thankful we serve a God who is kind, and gentle, leading us in all seasons. Teaching us along the path He has set before us. Several times in this past year a word has been given to me...”Worship from a place of rest”.

Ministry, like entrepreneurship is not easy. I worship God, create art, and also lead a team of people who make it all possible. The daily pressures and demands can sometimes get the best of me, and I can often times find myself moving according to the pressure instead of His peace. But, that all changes now.

For the past several months I have made difficult and drastic changes. It’s been hard and yet worth it. Excellence does not come overnight, it must be developed. It takes time to sit down, be still, plan and execute. For me, this takes everything. I am beyond thankful to the several people who have been essential in making this process attainable for me. God will always send the right people. Without wise counsel, and healthy examples I’m not sure how I could have made the changes necessary.

I am setting everything aside to experience the rest He is calling me to. I have set out on a worship God from a place of rest. To glorify Him on the mountain tops, and in the valleys. To be still and hear His voice in the wind.

When I worship Him, there is nothing like it. It is like dancing with the Holy Spirit, with the floodgates of Heaven flung wide open. I am one with the Father, and the world literally fades away. My heart and prayer in sharing these moments with you, is that you will also feel His presence, and be refreshed in your life. And that many will come to know His love.


Hand Embellished Canvas Prints are canvas prints with additional original paint and texture added by the artist.  These touches add depth, richness, and unique qualities to each piece.  You will receive a picture of your unique hand embellished canvas directly from Vanessa Horabuena via text. This allows you to approve the canvas print before it is varnished and shipped out.  Please allow 2-4 weeks for your unique hand embellished canvas print to be created.