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“Woman, Where Are Your Accusers?” - 24”x30” Original Acrylic Painting

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“Woman, Where Are Your Accusers?”

24”x30” Acrylic on 2” Gallery Canvas

She made history...and it wasn’t through some great act, it wasn’t in some great accomplishment, she didn’t pour perfume on the feet of JESUS, no...she was caught in the act of adultery, yet her partner was nowhere in sight as she was brought before Jesus to be stoned. It was the end for her, a woman, raised and brought up under Jewish law, she was no Gentile. She was no stranger to the Word of God, but in fact she, in her darkest moment went face to face with the living Word, the Christ, the Son of God. He took one look at her, and I believe He looked forward and saw what lay ahead of Him. He fulfilled His Word in that moment as He said to her “Woman where are your accusers? Nor do I accuse you...go and sin no more.” He saw beyond, into His journey and saw the price He was about to pay for her...and for the world. She knew the Word of the Law, but in that moment she knew the Living Word. She made history as one of the first to fall under the Grace of the New Law. She, like many of us, know the incredible loving grace of our Heavenly Father through the price paid by His Son. What a gift to the world.