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Prophetic Meaning
"Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall become like wool." - Isaiah 1:18

"Life Through Your Eyes" is a testament to the transformative journey of sanctification, embodied in the life of Lea, a gray quarter horse whose early life bore the vibrant marks of her youth—brown with white stripes and spots. Over time, these marks faded, leaving her coat as spotless gray, a visual testament to purity and renewal. This transformation mirrors the spiritual process of sanctification, where God, through His grace, cleanses us from our past, washing away our sins to reveal the holiness and purity that reflect His image.

Lea's story is one of overcoming and adapting. Born into darkness, she never knew the world through sight, yet her life has been anything but dim. Through the nurturing care at Les Haven Ranch, Lea has blossomed, revealing that true vision comes not from the eyes but from the heart. This piece captures the essence of her spirit – serene, graceful, and imbued with a trust that defies her physical constraints.

Lea's journey from darkness to light mirrors our own paths of spiritual awakening and transformation. Her physical change beautifully symbolizes the process of sanctification in our lives. Under God's loving gaze, we, too, undergo a transformation, our blemishes and past washed clean, revealing the purity and holiness meant for us.

"Life Through Your Eyes" serves as a beacon of hope and a reminder of the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Just as Lea's coat transformed over time, so does our spiritual identity in Christ. Through His grace, we are cleansed, our "spots" removed, and our true, sanctified selves revealed—pure, holy, and wholly His.

This artwork is not just a reflection on the process of becoming holy before God but a celebration of His relentless pursuit of us. It's a declaration that sanctification is accessible to all, irrespective of our past. In the divine dance of sanctification, we are invited to shed our old selves, allowing His grace to clothe us in newness of life.

As "Life Through Your Eyes" invites us into reflection, it calls us to embrace our journey of sanctification, trusting in God's grace to transform us. It's a testament to the power of His love to change the most blemished among us into reflections of His purity and holiness. This piece stands as an invitation to view our lives through the lens of trust and love, guided by the divine hand of grace, and to celebrate the journey from spotted beings to spotless spirits in Christ. 🤍✨
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DESIGN DISCONTINUED - Life Through Your Eyes - Standard Print / 8”x10”