Draw Near To Me

Draw Near To Me

This piece is very special and came from a personal revelation I had of the children of Israel and their response to the Lord when His presence consumed Mount Sinai.

Smoke billowed and thunder roared across the skies as His presence filled that place. Their response to Moses was to request for him to speak to God, and not to have the Lord speak directly to them as they were terrified.

When the Lord called to Moses, he came humbly, and boldly to the Lord to speak.

I wonder how differently things would have been if the children of Israel had craved and longed for the nearness of His incredible presence. And instead of responding in fear, if their love for God caused them to seek more of Him.

This piece represents a woman, who has found that the safest place is in His presence, and instead of responding to Him with fear, an avoidance, she responds with an open heart, and her nearness to Him builds up the very foundation of her confidence and faith.

And it is a faith that cannot be shaken. It’s a faith that looks at giants and thinks of ways to chop them down. A faith that looks at mountains and calls for them to move.

Only in the cultivated intimate relationship with the Lord God Almighty can we experience this for ourselves. Here all of our ashes, all of our failures and faults and weakness fall away, and we can walk in the true and full identity of being strong daughters of the Lord our God.

PS. Remember, in His presence, there's fullness of joy and at His right hand, pleasures forevermore.

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