There is Only One Mediator Between God & Man: Jesus Christ

There is Only One Mediator Between God & Man: Jesus Christ

No religion, no pastor, no priest nor any person should be between you and your relationship with Jesus Christ. He died to tear down the curtain between the Presence of God and His people.

The priest no longer was needed to perform any priestly duty of sacrifice…because Jesus fulfilled that debt once, for all time, for all mankind if they would simply believe. But we in our humanly nature, rebuild what was torn down for the sake of our own comfort.

Back when Moses led the Israelites, the people cried out, when they saw the awesome power of the presence of God “Moses…you speak to Him on our behalf!” They were terrified! But when Jesus died, that curtain in the temple separating the people from the Presence of God…it was torn!!!

Yet a few hundred years later…priests were once again creating a mediator role between man and God. Acting as if they were Jesus, acting as if the Holy Spirit had no place. Creating once again separation between God's presence and the heart of each of His children. Do away with it!

Today many of us may say ”there is no priest between me and God… I have a pastor.”
I hope your pastor is more like a good Shepherd than anything, and I hope that you see them more as a teacher and a leader than a middle person.

Because the only middle person between you and God…Is the Holy Spirit…And if you want to experience His presence in the most powerful and intimate way possible, which you were made to experience Him…it has to be done in the intimacy of your heart bare before His heart. There's no middle person but the Holy Spirit.

A good pastor or teacher will create a culture of raising up Christian's who understand and walk in this. An unhealthy one, will always speak and lead as if they were the middle person.

Good teachers teach you how to ride a bike..they don't ride it for you! Don't miss out on the greatest adventure of your life because you thought it was someone else’s job to live it out for you. Here's the truth…while we should always honour good leaders who are walking in God's calling in their lives, and we ought to surround ourselves with good teachers…you are no less than them in God's eyes! You are a cherished child of the Most High God!

He doesn't need them to get to you, they don't have some secret spirit granted to them that is not available to you. The Holy Spirit waits patiently for you to seek Him with a Holy fire! So that He can work in you and through you with His power and might to accomplish incredible things on earth!

My prayer is that you would push all of it aside, all middle people, all middle traditions that yield no fruit. Set it aside, and get before the Lord and seek Him in Spirit and in Truth. Break the chains of culture, of race, of traditions and seek the presence of the Lord. His ways along with His word and good teachers will help guide you.

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