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For the One Who Lost Its Way - 36”x48” Original Acrylic Painting - Created Live at the Studio Grand Opening

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For the One Who Lost Its Way

36”x48” Acrylic on 2” Gallery Canvas

Created live at the Tempe Studio Grande Opening on November 27th, 2021. 

He gave no hesitation in leaving the flock that safely grazed to follow the trail of the one who lost its way. Going through the high grasses and thicket, the brush got more condensed as He drew closer. Thorns pierced him, the branches lashed Him, but He did not yield to the struggle nor the pain. He pressed on after that little lamb...the weight of the journey nearly crushed Him. Just when He thought He couldn’t go any further, He saw the top of the Hill where the little lamb was...lost and alone. He mustered up the last of His strength and climbed to the top of the Hill called Calvary...He removed the little lamb from the jaws of death and for a moment held it, the journey was worth it. One last embrace before He would lay down His life on that cross. As the nails were pounded into His hands, and then into His feet. He committed His life to the Lord. He did it for you...He did it for me. He did it all to embrace the one who lost it’s way.