Away With Our Pagan Traditions!

Away With Our Pagan Traditions!

As I realized the origin of Easter is a huge pagan holiday that was somehow adopted by Christians just a few years after Constantine “became Christian”. 

I’ve also discovered that the Easter bunny and eggs hold idolatry meanings within them. That are…atrocious. The mass orgeez that the pagans partook of were in worship to their fertility god. 

The bunny, the eggs….and 9 months later when Christmas came around. Those babies that were conceived were then brought to a demonic satanic leader and the babies were thrown into the fire alive… sacrificed to their god. There’s where you get your Santa Claus and your coal. 

Why do we still have these things in our homes? Exposing our children? Ignorance. We just didn't know. How many times do we read in the Bible of how the Israelites fell from God… and then we read how they threw away their idols in repentance. What? Idols! How could they?!??

Well my question now is…how could we!?!? We do the same things and don’t even realize it! American Christians have fallen away from the Lord, and their traditions are full of idols as well.

I’m not trying to judge anyone here. But to challenge you! Change your traditions. If you want this Holy Week to truly be about Jesus, consider throwing off the tradition of this world and going all in with your heart and with your family.

I sent out a newsletter. A little less in depth than this post. But it gives the tools for painting Jesus with your family. My challenge is to put aside the eggs and lean into Jesus!!! Watch "The Chosen," watch "The Passion of the Christ," take communion, paint Jesus with your family. 

My email gives all of the tools you will need and some basic tips to painting. If you’re on my email list check your junk mail. If you’re not, then go to my site and you can get on the list. I will be sending out these challenges often.

May God bless us and be with us as His people. May we be quick to move closer to Him and quick to move away from the world. 

How can our light shine…If we are mingling in the darkness? Celebrating the Lord with things that He detests. While you and I were not there to witness these things…God was!


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